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Here's what others are saying about Surviving Deployment: A guide for military families by Karen M. Pavlicin

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On a personal note, if you and your family are facing deployment, you MUST have this book. Ms. Pavlicin addresses the cold hard reality and mixed emotional feelings that all family members experience when dealing with the deployment of a loved one. -

A must have book for all military family members - it explains the deployment process, how to cope with separation and the reunion with your loved one. - AUSA's Family Programs reading list for Deployment and Reunion

In the News
"Pavlicin is experienced in offering practical solutions to spouses, parents and children as they face their stressed lives during a deployment." - Montana Parent (MT) Read review

"Surviving Deployment: A guide for military families is readable and useful, which may smooth some of the bumps in the road of a deployment." -- Maj. Eric Shuler, APG News (Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD)  Read review

"Written in straight forward easy-to-read style. A book that should be in every military family household." -- Carthage Republican Tribune (NY)

"It's a guide to the nuts, bolts, and sheer difficulties of the process. Pavlicin writes from experience." -- Star Tribune (MN)

From Reviewers
A Must for Military Families
This book is wonderful. I highly recommended it to ALL military families. It has lots of ideas and things to consider. It has short stories of other families' experiences. And it covers all branches of the military. I'm recommending this book to ALL my online support groups, my FRG and I'm recommending it to you!
- Alisa Mortenson from Ft Lewis, WA

Awesome! - Like Talking to a Great Friend
A friend gave me this book because my husband is deployed and she thought it had great advice and checklists in it. While it does have all that great info in it, what I love best is all the personal stories. The author does a great job of weaving in how other people have handled certain situations. Whenever I looked up something in the book, I found myself sitting down and reading it for a while because it was so interesting - like talking to a good friend who understands just how I feel. It's so interesting to read other people's experience during deployments, how they found out about it, how they handled their kids' emotions, etc. I laughed and cried because it is like reading about myself! I got so many ideas. Awesome. - Janice Potter from San Diego, CA

Get it for Your Kids' Sake! Great Resource, Dynamic Speaker!
I recently attended a deployment/reunion workshop given by the author. She is a dynamic speaker, down-to-earth person, and has lots of experience to share. She has a great sense of humor and outlook on life. Everyone at the workshop received a book. I read it right away.

I have four young kids. My husband has been deployed for a year and I sometimes lose my patience! I learned some great tips for "winning cooperation" and seeing things from my kids' perspective. (And yes, I realized a few things that are my fault that I've been blaming on my kids!)

I highly recommend this book!

And if you can, get the author to speak at your post/base. The workshop was a nice complement to the book. She made it very relevant to our battalion's situation. I was feeling down when I went in and I came out feeling inspired and ready to handle the last stretch of deployment. It was nice to see the author's sense of humor and examples continued in the book. I think my kids are very happy I attended and read this book! Get it for yourself and your kids will benefit too! - A reader from Fort Drum, NY

Great for After Deployments Too
Having been through a long deployment, I can honestly say that the time after the deployment - when we got back together again - has been just as hard as during the deployment! For different reasons, of course. I found this book to be very helpful for our reunion and getting back to "normal" life. It covers everything from courting and sex to changes in parenting roles, children's reactions, and being sensitive to how to talk about combat situations.

I like that it gives perspectives and tips for service members coming home as well as for family members. It helped us understand and think about it from each other's point of view. Some of the information is great for any couple who wants to strengthen their relationship or if one of you travels a lot.

I wish I had read this book before the deployment (I didn't make the time) but I'm really glad I started reading it just before our homecoming. Good advice and some great stories. Don't just buy it, make time to read it! - A reader from Harvey, MI

A Good Book for First Time Deployment
I ordered this book as a fiancee going through a first time deployment and found it to be very useful. More useful than any other book I have read so far or information that I have found online. It is a very real and captivating book and it only took me one day to finish it (it's a pretty lengthy book!). I would recommend this book to any girlfriend, fiancee, or wife of a military man. There seemed to be more information for the wives, but that's a good thing! Loved it! - K. Bennett from Lincoln, NE

I Like the Balance of Information and Writing Style
In the past few years, there have been several books published for military spouses and families. I've read a lot of them. Some don't have much information - just fluffy stuff. And some are not well written. This book is different.

Surviving Deployment I like because it has a good balance between well-researched information, practical checklists, and real life examples. The personal examples/stories are selective and weaved into the information so the information is more true to life. The author is a very good writer so the information and stories flow well. It's easy to pick up the book and use the information or just enjoy reading it.

Another difference is that this book is what I would consider full-length - about 100 pages more than most of the other books. There are whole chapters on important deployment-focused topics like children, finances, communication, and reunion. I also like the two chapters with ideas specifically for spouses taking care of ourselves and using our survival gear.

Overall, I think this is the best resource on deployments. This isn't the book you want if you're looking for a general overview of military life, but if you are in a deployment situation, this is definitely the book to get. I've been through three major deployments and I highly recommend this book. - Harriet Plank from Camp Lejeune, NC

Learned a Lot
As a new Army wife, I was very unknowledgable about the inner workings of the military. My husband is currently training to go to Iraq in another state. This book has helped me to understand what is and will be happening in our relationship and lives together as we prepare to be apart for the next 18 months. I recommend this book to anyone who is just starting off as a military spouse. - R. Chong from Kailua, HI

Not Just for Military
I am a Military "Brat" as well as a Military spouse. After reading this book I realized that even though I have been a spouse for 17 years there are still things to be learned, things to be updated (wills) and reviewed (insurance policies,budgets). This book has checklists that are for anyone to follow not just Military. If you have spouses that travel this book if for you, if you have children this book is for you, if you have moved recently or are planning to this book if for you. New to the military? "Surviving Deployment" is exactly what you need! - brekel from Hampton, VA

Covers Everything About Deployments!
This book is so well put together. It covers every aspect of deployments - I can't think of anything I wanted to know that isn't covered here. Every military family should have this book!! - A reader from Fort Drum, NY

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Karen Pavlicin continues to interview military families for her new book about reunions after a long deployment. More information

Karen Pavlicin workshops:
“Your dynamic presentation to the unsung heroes of the 10th Mountain Division provided instruction, encouragement and hope at a critical time and will have a major impact on the health and welfare of the Soldiers and families at Fort Drum, NY.”
— Command Chaplain Nichols

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